Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Monkey Madness!

Awash on Lanka, Candles on the Ganges

I recently bought a new computer, and while I was transferring files over I discovered this little scene I did for Monkeys of Mumbai. I had completely forgotten about it, which is strange considering that I had obviously put a lot of time into drawing it!

The scene takes place on the island of Lanka (the evil Ravana's Lair), Raj and Pinkie have just escaped from the belly of a giant mutant fish, Pinkie having sung an huge Bollywood number, which in turn caused the fish to regurgitate them. Raj, who has stubbornly resisted Pinkie's optimism, finally begins to warm to her. The final part of the scene is the opening verse of the song "Candles on the Ganges", an absolutely gorgeous number written by Stephen Schwartz and A.R. Rahman, which was to feature all the main players in the film giving point and counterpoint, and setting up the action that was to follow (which is why the camera pans up at end; it was to hook up with Chani's verse, which was boarded by the A-mazing Jenny Lerew).

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