Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I worked at DreamWorks for a few years, and while I was there I contributed to four movies: Monkeys of Mumbai, Croods 2, Trolls, and Larrikins. I only worked on Trolls for a few months, but the directors Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell, and Head of Story Joel Crawford, were so generous and wonderful, and the film itself so breezy and light, that it easily marked the highest point of my time there. I absolutely loved every second I was on it, and really wished I could have stayed with the project longer.

This was the first scene that I was given, and right from the start I was warned that they were just feeling out a new ending for the picture, and that everything would probably change radically before the picture was locked. This was incredibly liberating because I knew I could play as much as I wanted to, without fear that what I was doing had to be perfect. Another thing I loved was that in contrast to everything I had done at the studio up to that point, no one was dying, and we weren't trying to make the audience cry! Very little of this stayed in the movie, but I like it none the less:)

This was to be the moment where the Bergen realize how awesome these little Trolls are and decide against eating them, and where Lady Glitter Sparkles (here called Lady Momalade) is revealed to be Bridget. I thought it could be funny if the two opposing sides suddenly broke in to a duet, so I chose what I think is probably the most kitsch song in history: Barry Manilow's "I can't smile without you" (if you don't know it, you can find it here:

There are some drawings by another artist here, I don't know whom to credit, but I've marked them with the usual red dot!