Monday, August 30, 2021

Larrikins: Saving the Royal Egg

This was a little scene I did way back in 2015 as a button to a song sequence boarded by Conrad Vernon. The style of boarding preferred by the leadership team was quite simple compared to my other work, and after I completed the opening scene of the film, I felt it was necessary to pare down my drawing style to better fit the vibe of the film. To that end, I drew this on paper, then scanned it in to photoshop to add tone and fix any registration issues. It may look simpler, but it was far, far more work!

Perry (the bilby) and Andrew (the cane toad) are attempting to rescue the McGuffin (in this case a royal Albatross egg) from the clutches of a snake. We pick up the action after Andrew, who lives in a fantasy world where he imagines himself as a famous pop singer, sings a big show-stopper musical number which culminates with him planting a big wet sloppy kiss right on the snake’s mouth.