Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Frankenweenie update

Animated films go through many varied iterations before they land on the version that is released in theatres. While it would be lovely to say that any given scene on a movie was all your idea, this is rarely true. When going through my boards on Frankenweenie, I found this scene I drew that was a reworking of an earlier version drawn by Dean Roberts. Many of his drawings remain, and I've included them here for continuity's sake. I've marked Deans drawings with a little red dot, so as to avoid any ickiness!!

Sparky's Day Out

It's the morning after his rebirth, and with Victor at school, Sparky finds himself alone and bored in the attic. The whole dialogue exchange with Mom and Dad (dad comes home for a nooner and, to kink things up, pretends he's a traveling book salesman) was probably always destined to be cut, but was one of my favourite parts of the script.