Thursday, March 3, 2016

Deepu's Death

This is a later version of the film, and contains a small portion of the earlier scene I posted from Monkey's. By this time it was decided that we should have Deepu become one of Ravana's demons, and have him battle Raj in the climax, and to give him a much simpler, more focused moment when he dies. Looking at it now, I think this is far more effective and emotional.

The drawings in this scene are a lot rougher than anything I've previously posted. I had grown more confident and relaxed about the finish, and we needed to work faster and faster as a screening approached. I personally like how these boards look, but I apologize if they seem a little rough and ready:)

Ravana is preparing to marry Chani (an actress whom he's confused with Sita), while Pinki, Raj and the Monkeys of Mumbai battle his demons. The scene contains a number of boards done by Heidi Jo Gilbert, specifically when the arrow flies through the clouds and multiplies by the hundred.

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